Bloom Puzzle Playlists

Playlists to puzzle to...

Yes, that's right! To ease you into the puzzle zone we have carefully compiled playlists to complement each Bloom jigsaw puzzle.

Picture the scene... you’re ready to make a start on the Bloom puzzle of your choice – you have excellent taste by the way! – you are enjoying the essential oils from one of our lovely aromatherapy candles, now follow the link to the carefully compiled playlist designed to enhance your puzzling experience still further.

OK, sounds good - so how does it work?

The playlists are available here on Spotify, or search for Bloom Puzzles on Spotify and you will see all of the playlists available there. They work best if you have a paid account. 

Of course, you are welcome to listen to these at any time, not just while puzzling :) 

If you have a suggestion for music you think should be included on any one of the playlists, please do send a message to, I’m all ears!