Bloom Puzzles Packaging Tissue Paper & Sticker   

What can I look forward to when I receive my Bloom puzzle?

Bloom puzzles are made in Britain from environmentally responsible recycled board with a lovely matt finish, which avoids reflection under artificial light. The boxes are beautifully made, again in Britain, and are a pleasure to touch. The elegant sleeves showing the puzzle image (printed in Britain!) slide off to allow you to use both the lid and the base of the box for puzzle piece sorting, and will stand up by themselves for easy reference. All this is sent out to you, with or without our lovely extras, thoughtfully packaged to be a joy to receive or as a ready made gift!

Where can I listen to the playlists?

There is a carefully compiled playlist for each Bloom puzzle to ease you into the puzzle zone. These are available here on Spotify, or search for Bloom Puzzles on Spotify and you can see all of the playlists available there. Feel free to enjoy these at any time :)

What is a Puzzle Lift?

Inside each order you will find a sturdy Bloom Puzzles card, designed to look gorgeous but which also turns into a very handy Puzzle Lift, perfect for moving sections of joined pieces around. Simply bend the corner as shown on the card (a ruler or the blunt side of a table knife helps with this) to give you a secure grip, and then carefully slide it under the completed section to lift it into place. Voila!

Missing a piece?

Every puzzler's worst fear! Bloom puzzles are carefully made in small runs by my manufacturer in the UK. They are cut and bagged within a closed system to minimise any possibility of pieces going missing during production.

If you think your new puzzle has arrived with a piece missing, please get in touch. I can usually send you a replacement piece that is the same shape, however, because each jigsaw is individually cut by hand the image may not be a perfect match. 

Could I be a Bloom Puzzles artist?

I am always on the look out for talented artists to work with, so if you would like to share your artwork with a wider audience as a Bloom puzzle, please do get in touch at artists@bloompuzzles.co.uk and I can outline what I'm looking for in a beautiful jigsaw.

I have a question that's not covered here!

No problem, how can I help? Send me an email to hello@bloompuzzles.co.uk.

I’d like to make a Bloom Puzzles suggestion!

Fantastic! I would love to hear from you at hello@bloompuzzles.co.uk.