Earth Friendly Globe


Sustainability - what it means to us...

You clearly care about the environment, we do too. One of the primary aims of Bloom Puzzles is to tread lightly and always be as earth friendly as possible, which means constantly looking for ways to make what we offer even more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

There are so many elements that make up a Bloom Puzzle and your purchase from us but here are some of the ways in which we are trying to lessen our impact on the environment.

Jigsaws - the millboard (the cardboard bit) is made from 100% recycled material, and the image is printed on FSC sourced paper

Jigsaw boxes - beautiful, sturdy boxes in which to store your puzzle, can be reused for lots of different purposes or recycled. Paper covering is FSC certified, vegan and REACH compliant

Puzzle piece bags - plastic but recyclable - we are looking to source a more sustainable alternative. Some puzzles come in a resealable bag or we suggest you carefully cut the short side of the bag and use it to keep your puzzle pieces extra safe or just separate out the edge pieces for next time - this is not considered cheating :) Use a bag clip to secure the open end just to be sure

Organic cotton Bags - GOTS cotton bags to keep your puzzle pieces safe

Box sleeves - made from paper under the FSC chain of custody

Puzzle Lift card - made from paper under the FSC chain of custody

Postal boxes - we use a number of different sizes of box, all contain at least 70% recycled material, are FSC certified, 100% recyclable and made in the UK

Paper bags - made from 100% recycled paper and recyclable 

Paper 'zig zag' box fill - made from 100% recycled materials, that is reusable and recyclable 

Wood wool - fully compostable and biodegradeable, chemical free, these wood slivers can be turned into fire starters when no longer needed 

Parcel tape - eco kraft self-adhesive paper tape, sustainably sourced - no trees were cut down for this product to be produced - the adhesion is made from a special rubber, 100% biodegradable and recyclable 

Stamps (for the Bloom Puzzles logo) - sustainably sourced oak handles, eco-friendly rubber, vegan (stamp and ink pad) from The Green Stamp Company

Tissue paper - natural and white - made from 99% recycled pulp fibres, recyclable, ph neutral, approx 35% of the electricity used to make this product is produced from renewable sources

Candles - either sustainable coconut/soy wax blend with cotton/paper wicks, pure essential oils, vegan friendly, recyclable glass jars from Rēve Candles or sustainable rapeseed/coconut/soy wax blend with cotton/paper wicks, pure essential oils, vegan friendly, in aluminium tins from Heaven Scent

Matches - sustainably sourced wood, toxin free they don't contain harmful toxins like sulphur or zinc oxide; FSC accredited packaging; plastic free cellos which are biodegradable, just put them in your home compost bin, from Archivist

Chocolate - from The Little Welsh Chocolate Company, they use the finest organic, fair trade chocolate from the Dominican Republic. With a commitment to sustainability, they are proud to be free from palm oil, soy lecithin, artificial colours and flavourings. The packaging is entirely recyclable 

Email & website - the environmental cost of email marketing and website hosting is not to be underestimated. Cleaning our email list regularly, carefully considering the size and frequency of emails sent and reducing the size and load time of the website are ongoing projects  

At home - reduce, reuse, recycle - we compost and recycle whatever we can :)