Jigsaw Puzzles Made From Art | Bloom Puzzles

Prepare to lose yourself amongst the puzzle pieces, these are jigsaws to make you feel good... 

Escape the ordinary with Bloom Puzzles, a collection of beautiful, high-quality jigsaw puzzles featuring the work of talented artists. Immerse yourself in vibrant vistas, beautifully detailed scenes to draw you in, and magical landscapes – all crafted from environmentally-friendly materials right here in Britain

Unwind & Bloom with Art Jigsaw Puzzles Made in Britain

Choose Your Perfect Challenge:

500 Piece Puzzles: Ideal for an afternoon of relaxation or a fun family activity

1000 Piece Puzzles: For seasoned puzzlers seeking a satisfying challenge

About the artists...

Discover the incredibly talented artists behind each stunning puzzle - Lucy Grossmith, Amy Holliday, Natalie Rymer, Helena Rogan and Rebecca McCulloch

Why Bloom Puzzles?

Mindful Escape - jigsaw puzzles promote relaxation, focus, and a sense of accomplishment

Support Talented Artists - Bloom works with British artists bringing their work to a new audience

Sustainable Practices - Bloom puzzles are made here in Britain with recycled materials and environmentally-friendly processes